Private radio was a radio communications primarily for boaters and motorists on the 27MHz band before the mobile phone was even in thought .

Private radio was first used in the U.S. in the 60s and also spread to Sweden.

Private Radio Association was formed quickly over Sweden in the 70's one of them was Prikung in Kungsbacka.

Gothenburg was LSS RS and Cobra and Nordic and

" PRIKVALL " which later changed to PRITLX now more will be found in every city in Varberg was Privar on Tjorn was Pritjörn

A base station was found almost in every city along the west coast and these were manned in the evenings and weekends mainly during the boating season .

Many were helped , and could in different situations contact a base station, which then contacted relatives or search and rescue if needed.

Association Pritlx is a idellPrivatradio Coalition for anyone with common interest in radio and radio communications.

Young or old, boy girl. Our goal is that we have members all over our country from North to South and East to West We are located at Tvitter Facebook

and soon instargam .
Would you like to have a Reklamskylt on our site so the requirement is that there be a va Stylish Bander .

It must not Contain , sex, porn , hate, racist humiliation Or Advertising against Minder old ( 18years )







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